June Emerson Launchpad Prize

So... things have been hotting up for us. We were so excited when we announced that we'd won the June Emerson Launchpad Prize, and a lot of you have been really keen to find out what it's all about:

"The Launchpad Prize consists of practical help including: a substantial JEWM (June Emerson Wind Music) music voucher; dedicated space on the JEWM website, with the opportunity to use it as a powerful marketing tool; publicity in the printed JEWM catalogues; editorial coverage..." etc. etc. Basically we get sent boxes of complimentary music and free advertising. This is an amazing way for young groups like ours, consisting of students, to get the resources we need to help start our careers without putting us out of pocket before we've even begun... We all gotta eat don't we?

So that's just a short breakdown of what it's all about just go to the June Emerson website for more information about the prize and its previous winners. Check out this lovely article form the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain which tells you all about this year's winners!

We would like to congratulate the other chamber groups from accross the conservatoires who also won, and we would like to say how proud we are to represent our college!

#prize #JuneEmerson

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